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Constructed in 1918, the Graham Bybee House is a landmark of Old West Austin. We brought it into the 21st century with a design updated for modern-day living that still preserves its Prairie School roots.

Once owned by prominent Austinites James Graham and Hal Bybee, today, the Graham Bybee House is now home to a successful bachelor and father. The new owner wanted to retain the home’s history while creating a space both sophisticated enough for hosting and comfortable enough for family life.

To adapt this storied space to a modern-day lifestyle, Kartwheel redesigned the floor plan, transforming the galley kitchen and closed living room into a spacious open-concept living area. We then highlighted the historic charm of the home through interior design, restoring the original finishes to the fireplace, repurposing the French doors as pocket doors, and adding finishes in timeless materials.


A mix of antique pieces and modern furniture add depth and contrast to each room.

Luxurious yet functional materials create a sense of casual sophistication throughout the home.


This custom millwork design is crafted with bleached walnut and surrounded by Roman Clay in Highland green, opening the entryway for an unbroken line of sight to the back of the house and an impressive entrance from either direction.

Elegant finishes like basket-weave tile and brass-plated hardware contrast with rustic details like a found-stone basin and antique mirror.

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Prairie School architecture meets contemporary living in this storied space.