Kartwheel is an interior & architectural design studio that specializes in creating meaningful experiences unique to every space we transform, in both residential and commercial settings.

At Kartwheel, we create memorable environments by putting relationships at the center of every project—from the relationships between contrasting design elements to the human relationships that play out within a space. Guided by a client-focused approach, our range of solutions varies with each individual project. From insightful strategy to the choice of materials and how they’re used, we cultivate functional and design-forward spaces where people naturally want to gather.


David Clark was originally born in High Point, North Carolina, and raised in Hickory—once the furniture-making capital of the nation. After graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design, David relocated to California where he spent several years working in the fields of graphic design and art direction. This lent him a unique understanding of how brand experiences could be brought to life within physical, inhabited spaces through interior & architectural design. Soon thereafter he found himself in pursuit of a more hands-on career in furniture design and fabrication.

In his current role as the founder and creative director of Kartwheel, David is known for juxtaposing unexpected materials— pairing the raw and unrefined with high-end sophistication. Overall David’s eclectic background and varied skills have instilled a passion for thoughtful, multifaceted design solutions with uniquely curated objects and materials.

David Clark

“An establishment shouldn’t be wearing an outfit that doesn’t match its essence. We make choices true to each client— cultivating spaces where life flourishes & memories are enriched.”


Since 2009, Kartwheel has created timeless objects and spaces in our home city of Austin, Texas and beyond. We started out in the business of architectural woodworking, steel fabrication, custom furniture design and general contracting, eventually transitioning into a multi-disciplinary design studio focusing on interiors and architectural design.

That evolution continuously informs our approach to design, giving us the valuable knowledge and foresight required to build a project from the ground up and find creative solutions in ways that only hands-on designers can. The result: an effortless client experience and a bespoke, functional space that attracts, inspires, and feels like home.

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