Tyler’s Flagship

Tyler’s Flagship

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Since 1978, Tyler’s has been outfitting Austinites with trendy treads and colorful sportswear. The opening of a new flagship location would give Tyler’s the opportunity to roll out a fresh brand identity and updated retail concept. In collaboration with the Tyler’s team and branding agency OK Studio, Kartwheel led the initiative to conceptualize the flagship store and draw in customers along one of the nation’s busiest shopping districts.

From the floorplan to the finishing touches, our goal was to modernize and reimagine Tyler's shopping experience while still honoring the existing stores' warm and welcoming feel. Along with creating an eye-catching space, we also planned to showcase Tyler’s shoe game with custom retail fixtures and a bright display, giving the brand a competitive edge as one of the largest shoe stores in the district.

In the end, the building was sold before the project could be brought to life. But hey— we still dreamed up something pretty cool.



To pull shoppers’ eyes to the back of the store, Kartwheel envisioned a custom armature wall made with warm natural wood and ambient LED lighting. The shoe wall would provide a subtle shopping experience to lead customers throughout the entirety of the store.


High-gloss epoxy flooring contrasts with industrial concrete walls and the warmth of antique pine fixtures.

When it comes to designing an immersive retail experience, cross-collaboration with branding agencies is essential. We worked closely with Tyler's agency, OK Studio, on tailor-made designs that would bring the brand to life.

When it comes to designing an immersive experience, the more creative minds the merrier. We worked closely with TYLER’S design agency, OK Studio, on tailor-made designs that would bring the brand to life.


To reinforce the new branding in the store’s fitting rooms, we asked OK Studio to design custom wallpaper.

Tyler's is a local staple that will keep Austin fresh for years to come.