Zephyr House

Zephyr House

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Originally built in 1937, this charming bungalow has been redesigned for modern living and thoughtfully curated to be a one-of-a-kind, authentic experience of East Austin.

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between the lines

Alluring hallways and nooks throughout the home pull you through the space, which is filled with inspiring art and objects around every corner.

Sunken bedrooms add a strong sense of solace and retreat, while this light-filled, inspiring bathroom features a custom floor-to-ceiling mural.

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Outdoor Oasis

In collaboration with Wild Heart Dirt and Proper Plunge Pools, we transformed the home's exterior to feel like an outdoor sanctuary in the middle of the city. Towering bamboo surrounds the resort-style dipping pool where guest can enjoy a good book or spicy mezcal cocktail.

“Zephyr House is the embodiment of modern eclecticism—pairing contemporary living with history and the work of celebrated local artists.” — David Clark, Creative Director